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Organic Hemp Beach Bag // Ladies natural hand bag

Organic Hemp Beach Bag // Ladies natural hand bag

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Introducing our exquisite handwoven hemp and cotton beach bag and handbag, crafted with care and infused with the rich heritage of Nepal. This stunning accessory not only elevates your style but also embraces sustainable fashion.

Our artisans in Nepal have expertly woven this bag using the finest quality hemp and cotton fibers. The combination of these natural materials ensures durability, while also providing a soft and comfortable feel. The intricate weaving technique adds a unique texture that sets this bag apart.

The bags front pouch is crafted from nettle fabric. Nettle fibers are renowned for their strength and eco-friendly properties, making them an excellent choice for sustainable fashion.

Designed with versatility in mind, this bag effortlessly transitions from a stylish handbag for your day-to-day activities to a spacious beach bag for your seaside adventures. Its ample size accommodates your belongings with ease, from beach towels and sunscreen to your favorite book or a pair of sunglasses.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this bag. The sturdy handles ensure comfortable carrying, while the secure drawstring closure keeps your belongings safe and secure. The neutral tones and natural fibers of the bag create a timeless aesthetic that complements any outfit, making it a versatile and enduring addition to your collection.

By purchasing this handwoven bag, you support the traditional craftsmanship of Nepalese artisans and contribute to sustainable fashion practices. Each bag is a labor of love, showcasing the skill and dedication of the craftsmen behind its creation.

Available in Black, 100% hemp & hemp and nettle variations.
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