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Wild Nettle and Hemp Laptop case

Wild Nettle and Hemp Laptop case

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Size guide:

Small - for laptops/tablets up to 23 x 32cm (13inch laptops)

Medium - for laptops/tablets up to 25 x 36cm (15-16 inch laptops)

Large - for laptops/tablets up to 26 x 40cm (18 inch)

This laptop sleeve uses 100% natural material which grow wild high up in the Nepalese Himalayas. We use traditional methods of harvesting, spinning and weaving which helps keep this ancient craft alive.

When designing this laptop sleeve we wanted it to show the best natural fibres and craftsmanship in Nepal, Its made entirely using traditional weaving techniques and we wanted it to have a modern, natural look. It is hand tailored with the back and front made of hemp fibres and the sleeve front is made of wild nettle, the lining and inside cushioning is made of organic cotton.

It features a pocket to put pens or chargers in. It was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal using high-quality, traditional natural fibres which were sourced ethically.


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